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Custom Kitchens in Woodbridge

At New Image Kitchens, we believe in an intensive and universal approach to our designs. With industry-expertise in a variety of design development strategies, our veteran team of experts is able to pull together a diverse range of skills in architecture, interior design, and environmental planning to create unique and exceptional custom kitchens in Woodbridge, Vaughn, Richmond Hill, and Toronto. To approach each and every task with capability and efficiency, we rely on an close working-partnerships with our clients to ensure their needs and visions can be fulfilled. We are an unmatched builder of custom kitchens in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Toronto because we believe consistency and thoroughness is key. From the initial concept to final completion we are always there to ensure you love the end result and can also grow with you should your dream change along the way.

We begin with a site-visit, which serves the two-fold function of allowing us to discuss your needs and inspirations, as well as evaluating the unique foundational elements of your kitchen space. We take this opportunity to assess how your space functions as well as its design potential. To arrive at a meticulous understanding of your project’s limitations and potential solutions, we spend thorough time and efforts during this initial step to create a design proposal that is personalized and feasible. Using a variety of traditional or computer-aided three-dimensional technology, we can communicate our plans and ideas for your space to you, and ensure you understand the future plans for your kitchen. Custom kitchens in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Toronto often require as many as thirty distinct steps to complete, but our designers are able to strike the perfect balance between keeping our clients informed and completing behind-the-scenes tasks efficiently and competently so that you can focus on the important details.

Once a design plan has been finalized, we coordinate with our extensive network of architects, contractors and other processionals to finalize specifications and pricing for your future kitchen. Custom kitchens in Woodbridge, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, and Toronto can be complex in nature and you need an industry-tested and reputable partner like New Image Kitchens to ensure this crucial step in the process is completed thoroughly and on time. To ensure the most optimal execution, our team of professionals can expertly coordinate orders and arrivals to make sure your kitchen design project stays on track and organized. Finally, we work closely with contractors and our installation team to make sure your kitchen looks professional, polished and beautiful. We specialize in details and always apply the due diligence required to ensure your beautiful, personalized plan is completely translated to reality. If any adjustments are required after the final stage, our team is always ready and available to help you achieve your dream custom kitchen.

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